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Reunited at the Globe: Jalebi Baby LA Recap

Reunited at the Globe: Jalebi Baby LA Recap

The global tragedy of COVID-19 changed the world in a way most of us never thought possible. In just a few short months, the pandemic tore apart what many of us took for granted: health, time with loved ones, social interaction, and travel. For our community, that of course included the annual journey of hundreds of Indians and of those who love Bollywood music to the iconic venue, Globe Theater in Downtown Los Angeles. With the event date moved when it was not yet safe for that reunion to happen, 20 months in the making, our community reconvened on Sept 25 for Jalebi Baby theme party in LA with an incredible aura in the air from a time longer than ever before spent waiting for such a moment.

Nevertheless, Jalebi Baby did not disappoint, offering seemingly endless worlds within the Globe. With a larger span than ever of its production, more special effects and celebrity guest, DJ DHARAK, and a plethora of unexpected surprises, Jalebi Baby highlight reel was expansive. Take a journey with us through the best of Jalebi Baby theme party 2021.

Your Premier 360 Party Experience

Radio5 Events is back and better than ever! With a state-of-the-art sound system, 200′ LED screens situated on a massive main-stage overlooking the dance floor featuring your favorite artist’s graphics, and countless LED rods and spotlights delivering a top-notch lighting experience, it’s truly no wonder that the Globe is a fan favorite. This year, Jalebi Baby was home to celebrity special guest, DJ DHARAK who offered an incredible musical experience with spots and strobes bouncing off of every surface.

Midnight Laser Light Show Reckoning

We introduced a whole new stage design this year with the massive visuals of Jalebi Baby in the background. One of the highlights of Jalebi Baby was the ten minute light show. From fireworks (yes you read right!), bubble machines making LA look like New York in the Christmas and kinetic frantic paced green goblin Lasers, guests were in for a major treat. Countless videos poured in after the event with footage of the midnight light show which took endless months to plan. This event was a very special one for Radio5 and all of our guests that help make our events possible! Not only was this our first post-pandemic Radio5, but it was also Radio5’s 13 year anniversary. To celebrate, we decided to do a little extra on top of our usual fireworks display. Counting down to the midnight show, the Globe went black – completely shut off for a minute which felt like an eternity. Guests pulled their phones out capturing what may happen next. This was truly a sight to see in conjunction with our 13 Year production display, and seemed like the perfect way to announce that we are back with a bang.

Thank You for a Wonderful Jalebi Baby Theme Party 2021!

There is no denying that the pandemic was, and still is in many ways, a difficult time for everyone, but we are infinitely grateful to have been able to reunite with our guests this year. We can’t thank you enough for joining us this year, and we can’t wait to see you again for 2022!

The Best of Fantasy Ball Los Angeles 2019

The Best of Fantasy Ball Los Angeles 2019

Now that the confetti blast has settled and most of us have retreated from the Hyatt LAX and made our best attempt to get our liver back, it’s likely those post-Fantasy Ball blues are starting to sink in. It’s natural. Our Annual Indian NYE event in LA becomes your night to remember surrounded by a community of Bollywood music lovers and an endless list of surprises scattered throughout the night at the Hyatt. It was a Fantasy Ball for the history books, and there are many reasons why we will never forget it. And since we still can’t stop talking about it, we figured it would be fun to go down memory lane that we like to call the Best of Fantasy Ball 2019.

Record Breaking Year

Nothing is more rewarding than that feeling when you bring in new faces to the events. Our New Year Party is for the community and now an annual tradition for desi’s, as Fantasy Ball drew in its biggest attendance in our humble history. Wow. And with that record-breaking headcount, we will try to bring you something fresh and grander this year.

Feeling the Red Carpet

radio5 events red carpet entrance at Fantasy Ball NYE 2019

Our guests were invited to walk the red carpet where a dazzling pattern of gold sequins and classy chiffon drapes hung from 10′ feet in the air creating an atmosphere like the Oscars that everyone was raving about all night long. On top of this red-carpet experience, we had a custom built Radio5 Events sign decked out with art decco lights. Custom built by our very own, Brenda and Richard.

Synchronized Confetti

radio5 events confetti blast at new years eve countdown

While the balloon drops at Fantasy Ball remains a staple every year – this year, we went for the shock-and-awe approach to try our hand with a confetti blast to go along with the drop, which involved some crazy time-coding and programming from 3D Sounds that is far more complicated than we have time to detail here. What we can say, though, DJ Nitro from 3D Sounds dropped dance-floor hits like Saadi Gali, Ghungaroo and many more blood-rushing desi hits that got everyone feeling festive.

Keeping it Classy

Radio5 Event guests dressed in classy affair

Everyone in attendance was dressed like it was their last night on Earth. From 3 piece suits to festive dresses, this was a night to see and be seen. Oh and the crowd was absolutely epic. Whenever the DJ or Mandeep (Radio5 Events) instructed them to put their hands in the air and to jump, not a single person on the dance floor was shy. Everyone seemed to be on the same page—and when the music is booming and everyone is jumping in unison, we bet the neighborhood felt it too.

For more information on our upcoming New Years Eve event, please visit https://radio5events1.wpengine.com/nye