About Radio5 Events

Bringing Bollywood to LA Since 2008

How It All Began

mandeep organizer of radio5 events

Radio5 Events has been producing Bollywood parties since 2008, but the story began with a dream in a bedroom in San Diego. In the 2000s, Mandeep created an online South Asian radio-station called Radio5 Events – it was the first online radio station in the U.S. that helped artists over-seas get their music exposed to the Indians living in the U.S.

The radio-station was hard to maintain after graduating from college, but we, fortunately built a following in Southern California.  Radio5 Events got its first official start in September of 2008 with the first Bollywood and Bhangra event taking place in a small bar in Hollywood Blvd. that held only 40 people.

Our brand of Bollywood parties currently brings together crowds over 700 fans of Indian music of all races and backgrounds at the most prestigious night clubs in Los Angeles.

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