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The Best Of Fantasy Ball 2023

The Best Of Fantasy Ball 2023

December 31st, 2022 marked the return of our Bollywood NYE party in Los Angeles at The Vermont Hollywood, one of our favorite times of the year.  Yes, the New Year’s Eve party marks the official, end of year, but it’s also our last chance to Bollywood together on the dancefloor ringing in the New Year. Plus, it’s our way of kicking off the forthcoming 2023 season and sending cheers to new beginnings—the Radio5 way!

On Saturday, Dec. 31st 2022 presented a different NYE experience with an emphasis on new production value, fresh talent (DJ’s), stage design, and enhanced midnight ball drop. The result: amazing Bollywood music and a crazy countdown to Midnight in grand fashion.

Here’s the best of Fantasy Ball 2023. We’ll see you later this year for NYE!

Rainy With a Chance of Good Vibes

It was impossible not to constantly check the forecast in the week leading up to the New Year’s Eve. Everyone in LA swore it was going to come down like cats and dogs, and it did for about an hour or so, and the rain clouds danced in the distance long enough to keep the majority of the party drench free. The initial downpour didn’t seem to rain on anyone’s parade and guests came in full force bringing amazing vibes.

Mind-Blowing Visuals at Midnight

The visuals we had on stage was out of this world, and it felt like we were suspended in a world of fantasy. We couldn’t help but think that maybe, just maybe, our production team might be the missing link between man and machine. The video countdown lasted a minute which felt like an eternity and boy did the confetti showers did not disappointment. We can’t wait to do it again, bigger and crazier this year!

Radio5 Events Levels Up

 Just 3 years ago, the pandemic crushed the nightlife industry and we were indoors with our pods wishing we were at a club ringing in New Year’s. We upped our game for the grand return on Dec. 31st and we couldn’t have asked for a better night with all of you – together finally. Thank you for trekking it in the rain for NYE, let’s do it again!

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Best of Bollywood Nightmare 2022

Best of Bollywood Nightmare 2022

The global tragedy of COVID-19 changed the world in a way most of us never thought possible. In just a few years, the pandemic tore apart what many of us took for granted: health, time with loved ones, social interaction, and travel. For our Indian community, that of course included the annual Bollywood Halloween party in Los Angeles, CA. 3 years in the making, our So.Cal community reconvened this past weekend for Bollywood Nightmare with a unique aura in the air from a time longer than ever before spent waiting for such a moment. Take a journey with us through the best of BN 2022.

Freaky Spector

Straight out of Hellraiser or any bad-ass horror movie, the 20′ Spector prop was a sight to behold. The larger-than-life Halloween installation featured coordinated Doctor Strange orb special FX and brought in eerie twist to the midnight theatrics. Between intermittent venue blackout and a rapid-fire series of strobes, the art piece played background to many people’s photos and selfies.

Next Level Costumes

From Princess Jasmine to topless Genie, demented clown nurses, zombie marching band members, blood-covered prom court, and a slew of other twisted characters kept things interesting, if not borderline terrifying. Guests came fully dressed in their favorite Halloween costume and they did not disappoint!

Bollywood Nightmare Recap Video

Thank You for Joining us for Another Successful Radio5 event!

This year was our biggest and best edition of the Halloween Bollywood parties in LA, and we are looking forward to coming together again for years to come and pushing the epicness even more!

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The Best Of Bollywood Bridgerton Party 2022

The Best Of Bollywood Bridgerton Party 2022

This year marked the 1st ever Bollywood Bridgerton Theme Party in Los Angeles, and the Saturday night event did not disappointment in every way imaginable. It seems our theme parties is only going to get bigger and better with each passing year, but these are a few of the reasons why 2022 couldn’t have played out any better than it did. On September 23, hundreds upon hundreds gathered once again at the Globe Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles for a night of dancing in celebration of our universal love for Bollywood music. Enjoy our event recap for Bollywood Brigderton that you might have missed with special guest DJ NASHA with media coverage by LA Magazine.

Crazy Crowd Participation

Ask any Southern California Desi about what makes our events so decidedly unique, and I guarantee their answer would be how hype the crowd can be. The commitment they have to the dancefloor is unparalleled, and the crowd participation alone is something to be marveled. Whenever MC Mandeep and DJ NASHA instructs them to put their hands in the air and to jump, not a single seat in the house is reluctant to play along. Everyone seems to be on the same page—and when the music is pumping and everyone is jumping in unison, there are literal earthquakes that presumably could be felt in DTLA.

Bridgerton Theme

This year our signature production came back bigger and better than ever. And to top it off, the hit Netflix series Bridgerton has us all swooning for our inner royalty so we were excited to bring this world’s first ever Bollywood Bridgerton themed party! The guests did not disappoint in their outfits.

Thank You for Joining us for Another Successful Radio5 event!

This year was our biggest and best edition of the Bollywood parties at the Globe Theater, and we are looking forward to coming together again for years to come and pushing the boundaries even further. See you on the dance-floor soon!

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Bollywood White Party 2022: Recap

Bollywood White Party 2022: Recap

Yet another successful White Party Bollywood style has come and gone after our initial return last June. On June 18, hundreds upon hundreds gathered once again at the Globe Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles for a night of dancing and revelry in celebration of our universal love and appreciation for Bollywood music. Though the night may have flown by, as we knew it would, all of the memories we made continue to live on in our day to day lives. Instead of reminiscing, we wanted to point out some things that are new to our White Party that you might have missed.

New Stage Production

Out with the old, in with the new! Our favorite main stage got a huge makeover this year at the White Party, with brand new special FX and programming. We also introduced pyrotechnics, with an all-Bollywood music lineup to keep the groove going into 2am.

2022 Bollywood White Party Stage

Dazzling Special FX

This year our signature production came back bigger and better than ever. This absolute feat of modern engineering allowed us to push the boundaries of event production with thousands upon thousands of confetti. What a crazy moment we all shared together on the dance floor.

Thank You for Joining us for Another Successful White Party!

Though our time together on the dance floor at the Globe Theatre may have come to an end for this year, fret not! This year was our biggest and best edition of the Bollywood White Party, and we are looking forward to coming together again next year and pushing the boundaries even further. So round up your crew for 2023, and we’ll see you next year to celebrate 14 years of Radio5 Events!

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Bollywood Spring Fling 2022: A Walk Through Mind-Bending Fantasy

Bollywood Spring Fling 2022: A Walk Through Mind-Bending Fantasy

You open your eyes. You find yourself gazing upward as the confetti drops overhead. Bollywood lovers from all over Southern California reunited once more under the lights at The Globe Theatre (DTLA) to experience a state of magic, aided by our 1,000 tons of flames spitting out over from either side of the stage. With a larger built stage, more interactive production show, and a plethora of unexpected surprises, Radio5 Events “Spring Fling Theme Party” highlight reel was expansive. Take a journey with us through the best of Bollywood Spring Fling 2022.

1,000 Tons of Confetti

For this event, we went with a shock-and-awe approach to try our hand at a more unified version, which involved some crazy time-coding and pyrotechnic programming that is far more complicated than we have time to dive into here. What we can say, though, is there was a seven-minute planned show that used tracks like ”Bijlee” and many more Bollywood dance hits to create an epic show. A technicolor milestone that took one of the most anticipated moments of the night to new heights.


If you’ve ever found yourself at any of the Radio5 parties, you would know that the crew gets a kick out of bridging the gap between the worlds of Bollywood music and Bhangra. Dholi Jas came through as a surprise performance after midnight and brought the house down with his energetic playing that’s been loved by fans world-wide.

A Trip Through the Globe Theatre

The Globe is one of the most breathtaking venues in the world, and that magic was transported into the space where we parties together. If you caught any of the Instagram stories from the event, you probably saw a few that really jumped out from the rest. The balloon was a huge hit, no doubt, and for the guests who couldn’t believe their eyes.

Thank you for attending Bollywood Spring Fling 2022 LA!

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NYE Recap: Fantasy Ball 2022

NYE Recap: Fantasy Ball 2022

It’s a new year LA! The slate has been wiped clean like hand sanitizer, and the Balloon drop has been swept. Some of us are eager for what 2022 has to offer. Others are still dazed with the ending of 2021.

Despite the rapid spread of Omicron scrapping many New Year’s Eve plans, the party for the LA Indian community went on – and it went on safely as we provided Rapid Testing to ensure guest safety and peace of mind.

There was a new stage design, which were met with a huge wave of excitement. Hosting the event at the largest indoor hotel Ballroom was an absolute godsend. And rolling out the first-ever multi-FX Midnight Ball drop brought an entirely new dynamic to Fantasy Ball.

While we’re stuck here battling the post-NYE withdrawals, we figured the best way to suppress the separation anxiety is by recapping the most fire moments from NYE. We’re running through the highlights in our usual best of style, so get ready to bounce around with us on the quickness.

New Stage Design, Who Dis?

Sound and Production is one of the things that Fantasy Ball lives and dies by. This year, there was a grip of awe-inspiring special FX that brought our guests to flip their phones out. People were lining up left and right to check out 200′ LED screen, Flamers, CO2 jets and additional craziness one would expect out of Radio5 Events.

Thank you and big shout-out to Sanjay Sayal aka DJ Scorpio and his production team for providing the sound and production. Please visit them for your special events at www.djscorpio.net

New Year’s Eve!

BTS: Setting Up

At the stroke of Midnight, giant 200′ LED video wall pushes out the countdown, 10…9…8 and BAAM, 2022 appears with newly installed special FX going off. Five thousand balloons drop in the air with Fire sparklers, CO2 jets and excitement fills the dance-floor. When the singing and dancing subsides, revelers eventually start drifting away at 2am, but the action doesn’t stop. Bring on 2022.

What’s next?

There is no denying that the pandemic was, and still is in many ways, a difficult time for everyone, but we are infinitely grateful to have been able to reunite with our guests last year. We can’t thank you enough for joining us for a short period of time in 2021, and we can’t wait to see you again for 2022!

Reunited at the Globe: Jalebi Baby LA Recap

Reunited at the Globe: Jalebi Baby LA Recap

The global tragedy of COVID-19 changed the world in a way most of us never thought possible. In just a few short months, the pandemic tore apart what many of us took for granted: health, time with loved ones, social interaction, and travel. For our community, that of course included the annual journey of hundreds of Indians and of those who love Bollywood music to the iconic venue, Globe Theater in Downtown Los Angeles. With the event date moved when it was not yet safe for that reunion to happen, 20 months in the making, our community reconvened on Sept 25 for Jalebi Baby theme party in LA with an incredible aura in the air from a time longer than ever before spent waiting for such a moment.

Nevertheless, Jalebi Baby did not disappoint, offering seemingly endless worlds within the Globe. With a larger span than ever of its production, more special effects and celebrity guest, DJ DHARAK, and a plethora of unexpected surprises, Jalebi Baby highlight reel was expansive. Take a journey with us through the best of Jalebi Baby theme party 2021.

Your Premier 360 Party Experience

Radio5 Events is back and better than ever! With a state-of-the-art sound system, 200′ LED screens situated on a massive main-stage overlooking the dance floor featuring your favorite artist’s graphics, and countless LED rods and spotlights delivering a top-notch lighting experience, it’s truly no wonder that the Globe is a fan favorite. This year, Jalebi Baby was home to celebrity special guest, DJ DHARAK who offered an incredible musical experience with spots and strobes bouncing off of every surface.

Midnight Laser Light Show Reckoning

We introduced a whole new stage design this year with the massive visuals of Jalebi Baby in the background. One of the highlights of Jalebi Baby was the ten minute light show. From fireworks (yes you read right!), bubble machines making LA look like New York in the Christmas and kinetic frantic paced green goblin Lasers, guests were in for a major treat. Countless videos poured in after the event with footage of the midnight light show which took endless months to plan. This event was a very special one for Radio5 and all of our guests that help make our events possible! Not only was this our first post-pandemic Radio5, but it was also Radio5’s 13 year anniversary. To celebrate, we decided to do a little extra on top of our usual fireworks display. Counting down to the midnight show, the Globe went black – completely shut off for a minute which felt like an eternity. Guests pulled their phones out capturing what may happen next. This was truly a sight to see in conjunction with our 13 Year production display, and seemed like the perfect way to announce that we are back with a bang.

Thank You for a Wonderful Jalebi Baby Theme Party 2021!

There is no denying that the pandemic was, and still is in many ways, a difficult time for everyone, but we are infinitely grateful to have been able to reunite with our guests this year. We can’t thank you enough for joining us this year, and we can’t wait to see you again for 2022!

The 20 Best Cocktail Bars in LA [2022 Updated]

The 20 Best Cocktail Bars in LA [2022 Updated]

Finding a good drink in LA is easy; a great one is a bit harder to find. From bespoke libations made with market-fresh ingredients to the revival of the classic cocktail worthy of Don Draper, cocktail bars in L.A. are making undeniably incredible drinks. Whether you’re drinking in Culver City, DTLA or Santa Monica, there are exceptional spots to consume all across town. In no particular order, here are 20 of the best cocktail bars in LA to raise a glass.

Bonus: Drink recommendations added per location

1. The Spare Room

spare room los angeles

http://www.spareroomhollywood.com | 1700 Lamy Ln, Monroe

Inspired by an old-fashioned gaming parlor and lounge, the Spare Room at Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel is a great place to visit with a crowd. The ambiance is laid back and festive, and all cocktails go for $16.

Drink to try: Highway to Bell – Aperol, Red Bull. Yellow Chartreuse, lemon, black pepper and sparkling wine.

2. Big Bar

big bar los angeles

https://www.alcovecafe.com/bigbar | 1927 Hillhurst Ave

Alcove Café’s new undertaking, this craft cocktail bar, is big on natural ingredients, homemade syrups and weird concoctions. With indoor and outdoor seating, this very fancy big bar is dim-lit and inviting. There’s a happy hour every evening, Monday to Friday.

Drink to try: Peace Tree Tea – Reposado tequila, dry gin, amaro, pine needle tea, porcini mushroom tincture.

3. The Normandie Club

normandie bar  los angeles

https://www.thenormandieclub.com | 3612 W 6th St

Visit Koreatown to find this trendy craft cocktail bar in the Hotel Normandie. Classic and modern drinks come together with splendid presentations and attentive, personal service. This bar is community-driven and has a huge local fan base.

Drink to try: Bamboo Julep – Amontillado Sherry, vermouth, orange and angostura bitters.

4. Genever

genever  los angeles

https://www.geneverla.com | 3123 Beverly Blvd

At the heart of Filipinotown, this chic lounge is comfy but shines with a unique grandeur. Intimate and luxurious, Genever is already a classic. This is a women-owned and operated bar, and you can tell. Everything is perfect!

Drink to try: Star Me Kitten – Floraison gin, spiced red wine cordial, citrus, tonic, lavender bitters.

5. The Roger Room

the roger room  los angeles

http://www.therogerroom.com | 370 N La Cienega Blvd

You’ll find this retro-temple with a circus flair at La Cienega Boulevard, where nothing is what it seems; it’s better! Fun and unpretentious, the ambiance here is relaxed, but the cocktails are seriously good.

Drink to try: Everybody Loves Rose – Amass Gin, rosemary honey, kumquat liqueur, lemon and orange.

6. Broken Shaker

https://www.brokenshaker.com | 416 W 8th St

The mixologist team on this rooftop pool deck is la crème de la crème. These are some of the most creative bar professionals in the industry and elevate the bar’s cocktails menu to unforeseen heights.

Drink to try: Seaweed Papi – Roku gin, iichiko, kombu-infused Martini Bianco and yuzu bitters.

7. Death & Co.

death & co  los angeles

https://www.deathandcompany.com/dcdtla | 818 East 3rd Street

There’s nothing grim about this obscure bar. The cocktails here are impressive but wait until you try the food! The authentic Death & Co. opened in NY a few years ago, but their LA bar is just as thrilling.

Drink to try: Tiger’s Jaw – El Tesoro Reposado Tequila, Linie Aquavit, garam masala, mango and lime.

8. Bar Flores


1542 Sunset Blvd

Bright and lively, Bar Flores’ patio is friendly and very Angeleno. A gem on Sunset Boulevard, this is your go-to bar for a margarita, one of the finest in LA, but there’s much more than Tequila drinks here.

Drink to try: Flores Old Fashioned – Knob Creek Rye, Flores’s house mole, bitters, orange oils.

9. Tonga Hut

tonga hut  los angeles

http://tongahut.com/index.html | 12808 Victory Blvd.

254 N. Palm Canyon Dr

With locations in North Hollywood and Palm Springs, the Tonga Hut is a tribute to the colorful tiki cocktails of the 50s. Creativity is non-stop here, and the tropical decor is perfect for special occasions.

Drink to try: Nui Nui – Amber rum, orange juice, cinnamon and Don’s spice.

10. Tiki Ti

tiki tiki bar  los angeles

http://tiki-ti.com | 4427 W Sunset Blvd

Feel your feet buried in the warm sand on a beach somewhere. That’s the energy in Tiki Ti, one of LA’s most authentic Tiki bars. Opened in 1961, this bar is still going strong.

Drink to try: “151” Rum Swizzle – 151 rum, passion fruit, lime cinnamon and dark Jamaican rum.

11. Harvard & Stone

harvard and stone los angeles

http://harvardandstone.com | 5221 Hollywood Blvd

This neighborhood bar in Thai Town, LA, offers an original cocktail menu every night. Weekends are all about live music and a burlesque show. Upscale and slick, Harvard & Stone is a unique experience.

Drink to try: Big Black Mirror – Avion Tequila, gin, chili pepper, Sichuan peppercorn, saffron and lime.

12. Thunderbolt

thunderbolt bar  los angeles

https://www.thunderboltla.com | 1263 W Temple St

Between Filipinotown and Echo Park, the American south inspires this handsome bar with a stylish, minimalistic decor that contrasts significantly with the colorful food coming from the small kitchen. The cocktails here are in a category of their own.

Drink to try: Liquid Picnic – London Dry Gin, citron, tomato, rosemary and black pepper.

13. Accomplice

accomplice bar  los angeles

https://www.littlefattyla.com/accomplice | 3811 Grand View Blvd

You’ll find Accomplice in Mar Vista neighborhood and complements the Chinese restaurant Little Fatty with colorful drinks of Asian inspiration. There’s a great selection of Japanese whiskey here as well!

Drink to try: Pulp Friction – Tequila, passion fruit, ancho, habanero, cinnamon, agave and lime.

14. The Abbey

the abbey  los angeles

https://www.theabbeyweho.com | 692 N Robertson Blvd

One of LA’s most famous gay-friendly cocktail bars is also a fantastic restaurant. You’ll find The Abbey at West Hollywood and often features exotic male dancers. Of course, you’re here for the drinks.

Drink to try: Peach Mojito – Bacardi Peach, lime, mint, syrup and sugar cane.

15. Employees Only

employees only  los angeles

https://www.employeesonlyla.com | 7953 Santa Monica Blvd

The New York classic has taken West Hollywood by storm with great food and award-winning cocktails. With a high-end feel but a young crowd, Employees Only is more than your after-office dive bar. It’s a culinary adventure.

Drink to try: Amelia – Tito’s vodka, St. Germain, blackberries, lemon and mint.

16. Here and Now

here & now  los angeles

300 S Santa Fe Ave

This beautiful, dim-lit bar in Santa Fe Avenue is stylish and has a timeless decor reminiscent of the speakeasy golden era. The cocktails are as modern and artsy as the bar itself!

Drink to try: Late at Night – East India Solera Sherry, Amontillado, chamomile soda and walnut.

17. The Dresden Restaurant & Lounge

the dresden  los angeles

https://www.thedresden.com | 1760 N. Vermont Ave

The family-owned bar and restaurant has been around since 1954 and offers a classic, long-tablecloth fine-dining experience and a show. Some cocktail recipes have remained unchanged since the 60s! The food’s incredible, too.

Drink to try: The Dresden’s Blood & Sand – Rum, house tropical mix and citrus.

18. The Varnish

the varnish bar  los angeles

https://www.thevarnishbar.com | 118 E 6th St

With one of the sexiest music shows in town supporting a new generation of local artists, the Varnish is an exciting experience. One of The Varnish’s highlights is the “Bartender’s Choice” that lets you enjoy a custom drink made just for you.

Drink to try: Bourbon Blunder – Bourbon, ginger, pineapple, lime and soda.

19. The Raymond 1886

raymond bar  los angeles

http://www.theraymond.com | 1250 S Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena

Pasadena’s favorite craft cocktail bar, this historical bar, is named after the old Raymond Hotel, which shut down during the Great Depression. American cuisine and beautiful drinks guarantee a wonderful time.

Drink to try: Fall For Me – Bacardi 8, Camus Elegance, maple pear syrup and hot water.

20. The Mermaid

mermaid bar  los angeles

https://www.themermaidla.com | 428 E 2nd St

This fun, neighborhood diver bar at Little Tokyo is all about tropical flavors. Tiki drinks and other colorful libations match the exotic decor, and the service is top notch. The mermaid has weekly events, so don’t be a stranger.

Drink to try: Jolly Roger – Tequila Blanco, hibiscus syrup, lime, grapefruit.

13 Hottest Rooftop Bars in LA [2022 Updated]

13 Hottest Rooftop Bars in LA [2022 Updated]

Los Angeles might have one of the most famous skylines and sunsets in the world which is why we Angelenos love open air venues. Rooftops in LA are more than bars and restaurants; they’re in a category on their own — nothing beats an evening with the City of Angels in the background.

In no particular order, here are our favorite 2022 rooftops in Los Angeles and why you should check them out. From high-end eateries to loud rooftop bars, these places offer more than a gorgeous view; they’re a vital part of our very own La La Land.

1. Élephante

elephante santa monica

This gorgeous rooftop takes you to the Italian Mediterranean shores with its decor and cuisine. Located in Downtown Santa Monica, Élephante is a great place to grab a bite and a few drinks, but they also have an impressive wine list. The ambient is hyped and lively, and you’ll enjoy a fantastic ocean view with your meal. This beach house is no doubt home away from home; it certainly feels that way!


2. Broken Shaker

With venues in New York, LA, Miami and Chicago, Broken Shaker is becoming a synonym with great drinks in impressive settings. LA’s Broken Shaker and its pool deck is one of the hottest spots in Downtown LA. And they balance tropical, colorful cocktails with authentic craftsmanship for a good time guaranteed. The food is creative, too, so enjoy everything from a falafel burger to some mean fried fish tacos.


3. Openaire

line hotel Openaire

This extraordinary bar and brunch hotspot is more than a rooftop; it’s a working greenhouse with the freshest air in the city. With Michelin-starred chef Josiah Citrin running the kitchen, Openaire is a paradise for foodies, especially for those looking to escape, at least for a few hours, from LA bustling streets. For a bite and a cocktail, ask for the pool menu at the bar.


4. Skybar at The Mondrian Hotel

skybar at mondrian hotel

The Skybar at Mondrian LA is luxury and party in communion. The glamourous poolside deck is slick and sexy, and the live DJ adds energy to the perfect setting for a night out at the Sunset Boulevard. Order a Skybar Lemonade with gin and cucumber slices or order a bottle of Champagne; Skybar is worth splurging a little. Besides, you know you deserve it.


5. Perch

Perch DTLA

Perch’s rooftop bar has an impressive view of Downtown LA from the 15th floor, and the French-inspired cuisine makes this a world-class experience. Perch is larger than life, and it’s a must-visit for first-timers. The eclectic decor contrasts with the tall buildings behind for a scene that just screams LA. For brunch, dinner or late-night drinks, Perch is always a great choice.


6. Calabra Santa Monica Proper Hotel

calabria santa monica

Sit back and relax at the “Best outdoor hotel restaurant patio in Southern California.” That’s Calabra, and you’ll find it down in Santa Monica. The perfect weekend getaway spot is also a lovely place to spend the morning with a drink in hand. Food is excellent, including the Hamachi ceviche and LA’s best Key Lime Pie, courtesy of Vanilla Bakeshop.


7. Upstairs, Ace Hotel

ace hotel rooftop

You’ll find this exclusive restaurant on the rooftop of Ace Hotel in Downtown LA. Comfy, eclectic, but still high-end, with a very Californian feel. Upstairs is a hidden gem with impressive views in all directions. More than a restaurant bar; upstairs is an open-air home. The Ace Hotel is also home to a marvelous theater, so visit even on rainy days.


8. Spire73


You’ll find this high-end LA rooftop atop the Intercontinental Los Angeles Downtown. Just go to the 73rd floor and get swooned off your feet. This is one of the tallest rooftop bars in America, and it’s probably the best view of Los Angeles below. Fire pits keep you warm on the coldest nights, and palm-tree-shaped sun umbrellas provide much necessary shade during the day. Food is outstanding here, too (try the Prawn Toscana), and don’t get us started on the signature cocktails!


9. Catch LA

catch LA

Catch needs no introduction; this is one of the most sought-after and exclusive rooftops in LA, and its award-winning Asian-inspired cuisine and fun views make eating here an authentic LA experience. Brunch or dinner, or a night out with wine and cocktails, Catch is a great alternative at any time of day. With views to West Hollywood, Catch surely has something for everyone.


10. Terra, by Eataly

This terrace on the third floor of Eataly La is heaven for Italian food lovers. Terra is a great lunch, brunch and dinner alternative with a lovely outdoor decor, a wood-fired oven, grill specialties and nice Italian wine, but don’t expect late-night cocktails. Here it’s all about good food in great company with superb service, just what you want to spend the evening under the sunny Californian skies.


11. LP Rooftop Bar


Enjoy the Sunset strip from one of the most exciting rooftops in LA. LP is also one of the largest rooftop patios in the city, and they make good use of it, offering fantastic small plates and craft cocktails for an imaginative experience. The night scene is fantastic here, but you can also spend the day on the verdant patio. This is hands down amongst the most popular bars in West Hollywood.


12. Mama Shelter’s Rooftop

mama shelter

Gourmet burgers, signature cocktails, live DJ music and awesome views make Mama Shelter’s rooftop a local’s favorite. Ping-pong tables, table football and super friendly staff, makes Mama’s a great place to spend the day. With the famous Hollywood sign in the background, there’s no other place you’ll want to be on a sunny day in LA.


13. Cha Cha Chá

This Mexican terrace in the Arts District LA is more than great margaritas, the food here is authentic, and the ambiance is contagiously tropical. Carnitas, tostadas and a wide variety of tacos — this is a culinary experience and an all-out block party on the same terrace. Visit for the food, and you’ll come back for the festive ambiance! At Cha Cha Chá, you’re part of the family.


Perfect Wines For Spring & Early Summer (w/ Food Pairing Tips!)

Perfect Wines For Spring & Early Summer (w/ Food Pairing Tips!)

You can already feel the warm air caressing your cheeks, and that means spring is here, and summer is around the corner! For wine lovers, this is an great time of the year when wine is more than a drink; it’s the perfect way to stay fresh and thirst-quenched.

With so many types of wine, made in a myriad of styles and dozens of distinct grapes, it’s easy to see there’s wine for every occasion and time of the year. With this in mind, here are the perfect wines for spring and early summer!

1. Rosé, Always in Vogue

Rosé is the quintessential summer wine; it’s just what you want to drink poolside or with your feet buried in the warm sand. It’s just so refreshing, mouthwatering, and chick! What’s not to love? Try dry rose for the best experience, and it doesn’t matter where it comes from or the grapes used to make it, just go with rosé, and you can’t go wrong.

Food pairings: grilled sausages, roasted poultry, shrimp, and lobster

2. Bubbles!

Sparkling wine is lovely all-year-round, but it shines best in warm evenings. Fizzy wine has a high acidity, which is quite refreshing, and it’s also better enjoyed ice cold — just what you want on warm summer days. You need not spend much to find a nice bottle of sparkling wine, Prosecco is fantastic, and it’s pretty inexpensive!

Food pairings: Fried finger food, coconut shrimp, oysters, sushi and sashimi

3. Vermentino, An Italian Classic

Vermentino but also any other dry, crisp and refreshing white wine, including Sauvignon Blanc, Albariño and Grüner Veltliner, are fantastic spring wines. They’re made to quench your thirst. Serve these chilled and enjoy their vibrant fruitiness and enticing minerality. For this wine style, the younger, the better, and they’re often on the cheap side as well.

Food pairings: Fresh cheese, light salads, white fish, and steamed veggies

4. Riesling, Floral and Beautifully Sweet

Riesling can be sweet or bone dry, and both renditions are pretty nice under the sun. The pleasurable floral scents, the peach aromas and the high acidity make this cold-weather variety fantastic for drinking on its own — it’s versatile at the table, too! See if you can find in your glass that signature petrol aroma reminiscent of new tennis balls; it’s thrilling!

Food pairings: Asian stir-fries, sweet and sour sauces, fruit salads, mango sticky rice, and freshly chucked oysters.

5. Pinot Noir, Liquid Silk

Pinot Noir is a well-rounded grape. It’s best known for its thrilling acidity and silken palate — that’s just what you want in spring and early summer, a cherry-scented young Pinot with a vibrant personality. Enjoy this one slightly chilled on a wide wine glass.

Food pairings: Fatty fish like tuna, salmon, mackerel and sardines. Fried rice, roasted poultry and pork

6. Beaujolais, Young and Cheery

French winemakers release this seasonal specialty every November. Still, the Gamay-based wine peaks in early spring, where its uncomplicated fruitiness and lovely, sweet aromatics mirror the year’s first blossoming flowers. Often called a baby Pinot Noir, Beaujolais is also enjoyed slightly chilled, making it perfect for the warm weather.

Food pairings: Teriyaki sauce, sticky ribs, grilled meat skewers, eel, fruit tarts and fresh fruit

Wrapping It Up: Lively And Fruity, That’s The Secret Behind Spring Wines

This warm-season, celebrate wine’s fruitiness and vibrancy. Leave robust, contemplative wine styles for the harshest winter months. Summer is all about having fun and spending time with the ones you love. What better way than sharing a bottle of lively and fruity wine with the ones close to you?