Best of Bollywood Nightmare 2022

November 11, 2022
Written by Mandeep
Category: Event Coverage

The global tragedy of COVID-19 changed the world in a way most of us never thought possible. In just a few years, the pandemic tore apart what many of us took for granted: health, time with loved ones, social interaction, and travel. For our Indian community, that of course included the annual Bollywood Halloween party in Los Angeles, CA. 3 years in the making, our So.Cal community reconvened this past weekend for Bollywood Nightmare with a unique aura in the air from a time longer than ever before spent waiting for such a moment. Take a journey with us through the best of BN 2022.

Freaky Spector

Straight out of Hellraiser or any bad-ass horror movie, the 20′ Spector prop was a sight to behold. The larger-than-life Halloween installation featured coordinated Doctor Strange orb special FX and brought in eerie twist to the midnight theatrics. Between intermittent venue blackout and a rapid-fire series of strobes, the art piece played background to many people’s photos and selfies.

Next Level Costumes

From Princess Jasmine to topless Genie, demented clown nurses, zombie marching band members, blood-covered prom court, and a slew of other twisted characters kept things interesting, if not borderline terrifying. Guests came fully dressed in their favorite Halloween costume and they did not disappoint!

Bollywood Nightmare Recap Video

Thank You for Joining us for Another Successful Radio5 event!

This year was our biggest and best edition of the Halloween Bollywood parties in LA, and we are looking forward to coming together again for years to come and pushing the epicness even more!

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